Paul Ward


"Blockchain technology is the future, not to mention a huge investment opportunity; it's as significant as the creation of the internet." -Paul Ward


As seen featured in The City Magazine for El Paso, and After 50, in addition to his YouTube channel Paul and Dani's Bits; Paul Ward was born and raised in El Paso, TX. He has been an educator, in both elementary and college settings, and spent many years as a stock market investor. In 2016 he left Wall Street investing and turned his attention to cryptocurrencies. Learning as much as he could, he dove in, taking the cryptocurrency markets by storm. A truly believer in Blockchain technology, Paul has achieved financial success within the world of cryptocurrencies, and now he's giving back by utilizing his true passion: education; sharing his wealth of knowledge through classes that teach people the basics and beyond. 

What is internet, Anyway?

"When it comes to cryptocurrencies, I truly believe it will be the future. Saw this video and couldn’t help but compare it to how people think about cryptos; they don’t quite understand it because it’s new, but in a decade everyone will wonder how they ever lived without it." - Paul Ward